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Windsor Dairy is the only licensed Grade A and organic dairy in the state of Colorado committed to producing raw milk from 100% grass-fed cattle.

Located between Windsor and Fort Collins, our herd of Heirloom European breeds graze a lush pasture full of native grasses, flowers and herbs with a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains.

Windsor Dairy is owned and operated by board certified dairy veterinarians Dr. Meg Cattell and Dr. Arden Nelson.

Windsor Dairy is uncompromisingly committed to providing the best tasting and highest quality dairy products from humanely treated cows.

Our mission is to create positive change in the environment, the local foods community and your health.

Windsor Dairy has been producing quality milk under the ownership of Meg and her husband Arden since 2000. The farm was certified organic in 2002. Windsor Dairy began supplying raw-milk to cow-share members in 2005, concurrent with the changes in Colorado State legislation.  

We invite you to come visit the cows, tour the dairy and learn about how we craft our farmstead raw-milk cheeses.

Below is an exerpt from a 2004 article written for Organic Valley coop of farmers:

Windsor, Colo. Couple to Sell Milk From Their Grassfed, Organic Herd In Rocky Mountain Region

WINDSOR, CO — Jan. 10, 2004 Organic Valley Family of Farms today announced the newest addition to its growing line of delicious regional milks, “Rocky Mountain Pastures.” Made exclusively by farmers on the Colorado Front Range, Rocky Mountain Pastures is bottled locally as well, near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“Milk drinkers everywhere are looking for farm-fresh organic milk right from the source, their neighboring organic family farmers,” said Organic Valley farmer Dr. Meg Cattell. Together with her husband, Dr. Arden Nelson, Meg runs an Organic Valley dairy farm a mile above sea level in the Rockies.

Meg and Arden are veterinarians who are developing a system of dairy farming that is specially adapted to the Rocky Mountain region. The couple expects to complete their grazing conversion of 400 cows grazing year round on 1,048 acres over the next year. The cows naturally flourish in the Rockies since they are derived from Brown Swiss and Tarentaise cows, which come from the Alps.

The couple’s rotational grazing system is a symbol of their eclectic history of farming and careers in science, their commitment to sustainable agriculture, and their desire to feed their children, Fiona, four, and Sam, two – as well as other families – delicious organic food.

“If we take care of our cows and feed them correctly, they are healthier and so are the consumers of their dairy products,” Cattell said. “Good pasture or forage is essential for animal health and, through omega 3 and conjugated linoleic acid in the milk we drink, it’s critical for human health, too.”

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About Windsor Dairy

Windsor Dairy is owned and operated by Drs. Meg Cattell & Arden Nelson, board certified bovine veterinarians. Windsor Dairy employs weekly bacteria testing to insure that your milk is free of bacterial pathogens.

Milk Shares:

In May of 2005 the Colorado state legislature recognized that people should have the freedom to consume raw milk. It is now legal to drink fresh milk from a cow that you own.

This means you can buy a share of a cow in our herd and board it at our farm. In exchange you have access to the most delicious and nutritious milk we know of. Please review our FAQs to find information on how to get started.

You may visit your cow during our pick up hours, and we encourage you to do so. We perform a service for you by feeding, caring for, and milking your cow, and you benefit by being able to utilize the milk.

Printable Directions and Hours

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