A1 and A2 Milk

In a recent Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) “Nourishing Traditions All Thumbs Book Review” article describing “Devil in The Milk: Illness, Health and The Politics of A1-A2 Milk”, a statement was made that has been repeated often and is still erroneous. The reviewer states that “old fashioned” cows…(such as Jerseys, Asian and African cows)” are called A2 cows and have the original beta-casein amino acid configuration. He also states that “more modern breeds like Holstein” are called A1 cows. Many WAPF farmers and raw milk consumers have used this statement as guidance in selecting cattle or milk supply sources.

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About Windsor Dairy

Windsor Dairy is owned and operated by Drs. Meg Cattell & Arden Nelson, board certified bovine veterinarians. Windsor Dairy employs weekly bacteria testing to insure that your milk is free of bacterial pathogens.

Milk Shares:

In May of 2005 the Colorado state legislature recognized that people should have the freedom to consume raw milk. It is now legal to drink fresh milk from a cow that you own.

This means you can buy a share of a cow in our herd and board it at our farm. In exchange you have access to the most delicious and nutritious milk we know of. Please review our FAQs to find information on how to get started.

You may visit your cow during our pick up hours, and we encourage you to do so. We perform a service for you by feeding, caring for, and milking your cow, and you benefit by being able to utilize the milk.

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